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Jason Ebel


Two Brothers Brewing Company was founded by Jim and Jason Ebel in late 1996. The business was envisioned by the brothers based on their entry into entrepreneurship with The Brewer’s Coop, a retail store catering to home beer and wine making. In 1992 The Brewer’s Coop opened its doors in Naperville, IL selling retail ingredients and equipment for the homebrewing community. The more they were surrounded by brewing, the more passionate they became about opening their own microbrewery. In early 1996 they decided to take the plunge and started writing a business plan. Several months later their dream became reality. Two Brothers Brewing Company is still 100% family owned.

Brothers Jim and Jason Ebel had spent time as ex-pats in Europe and learned the diversity and culture of European beers. Upon returning their options in flavor oriented craft beers was virtually non-existent, so Jim began homebrewing to replicate the beer styles he had come to love. He shared some of his brews with Jason and they decided to brew a batch together. This was the catalyst for Jason to start brewing. In 1992 the brothers opened a home beer and wine making store called The Brewer’s Coop in Naperville. In the coming years, much of their time together, Jim and Jason did little except talk of beer and brewing.

Two Brothers Brewing Company is proud of the fact that since inception we’ve remained 100% family owned. Two Brothers’ “Whole family of great beers” are currently available in Illinois, Florida, Indiana, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Arizona, Missouri, Iowa, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

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