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Daley and Georges, Ltd.

General Info
Mara S. Georges
Chicago, IL


Daley & Georges Ltd. is a woman-owned law firm led by attorneys, Mara Georges and Michael Daley. Known today for its commitments to excellence and innovation, the firm's success stems from our deep roots in the Chicago legal community, dating back to our establishment in 1936. The firm’s practice areas include:   
  • Corporate Law, where it is well-versed in all aspects of corporate transactions, including contract formation and interpretation, loan structuring and restructuring, and acquisitions and mergers. 
  • Real Estate & Zoning, where it brings decades of valuable experience in navigating the complex issues involved in real estate development including purchases and sales, land use planning, zoning & financing.
  • Government Relations, where it is able to draw on many years of collective government experience working with legislators, policymakers, and stakeholders.
  • Alcohol beverage Law, where it handles all types of alcoholic beverage licenses, from local Retailer’s licenses to Federal Basic Permits.
  • Legal Services for Eligible Members of UNITEHERE, Local 1 and Local 450. The Firm provides a broad range of legal services to eligible members through a legal fund established by collective bargaining agreements negotiated by the union with certain participating employers. Practice areas include real estate, immigration, bankruptcy, and family law.
  • EMPLOYEE BENEFITS & HEALTH LAW, where it provides comprehensive legal services relating to employee benefit programs and health law, health and welfare benefit plans regulated by ERISA. Practice areas include plan design, plan interpretation, benefit claims and denials, appeals, subrogation, ERISA collection and related matters.
  Our health law practice includes health care benefits consulting, payer contracting, corporate regulatory and compliance, litigation, and advice on multiple aspects of the Affordable Care Act and its regulations, HIPAA, Medicare, Medicaid, Stark law, and the Anti-Kickback Statute.
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