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You Have To Be A Little Naive To Start A Business

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Kristen Prinz is the founder of The Prinz Law Firm, P.C., which specializes in providing clear and creative counsel to its clients. Ms. Prinz speaks about some of the challenges that come with working in a law firm in today’s fast-paced environment. Learning, she says, is of the utmost importance. New laws are being passed and updated every day, and it’s the responsibility of an attorney to make sure that clients understand them. Technology poses additional challenges, even if it’s not the area of expertise one might associate with lawyers – however, new marketing technologies allow law firms to be agile in what they do, so it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. Ms. Prinz also provides advice on how to be a good leader, saying that it’s important to put people first – whether they are clients or employees – and that it’s a priority they know they are valued. Learn more about Ms. Prinz and The Prinz Law Firm by watching the full BizCastHQ video.