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Working for gender equality

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In this insightful BizcastHQ interview with Felicia Davis President and CEO Chicago Foundation for Women, we learn about the good works done at the organization to help create gender equality for women.  Ms. Davis talks about the idea that when women and their families are thriving, that their stability benefits everyone in society. She talks about the challenges her organization faces when it comes to partner relationships, in that, her organization works with 10 partner organizations that serve the foundation’s base of women. The partner organizations all function independently with their own systems and procedures creating some issues when managing all of the programs they all have to offer the Chicago Foundation for Womens constituents. The goal and challenge is to holistically serve women through  their partners and meet all their needs. Ms. Davis explains fully the notion of the best business advice she has received, which is, “Not to let perfect be the enemy of good”. There are wise words and dedication offered up in this insightful interview with this passionate philanthropic leader.