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One Hope United is a not-for-profit dedicated to serving children and families by focusing on early childhood development, community based family services, and placement and residential care. President and CEO, Charles A. Montario-Archer, discusses how much leadership makes a difference when working in a nonprofit setting. Leadership, he explains, is about fellowship, and fellowship is dependent on leaders being present and following through. From providing reliable serves to examining needs, every step requires the leader to be present and willing to listen. One of the biggest challenges in a nonprofit, Montario-Archer explains, is securing funding from different avenues. A successful nonprofit always has to search for funding to be able to provide their services. Montario-Archer also discusses the importance of treating nonprofit employees with the same amount of care and dedication that they provide their clients with. Learn more about One Hope United and Montario-Archer by watching the full BizCast HQ video.