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Turn ‘Stumble-Upons’ Into Gold

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Esquify is using intrinsic measures as a means to establish a competitive advantage over others within the Artificial Intelligence industry. Managing Director, Drew Stern explains that to achieve lasting success, a leader must first learn to see all elements of the business process with a positive outlook and impart this perspective on his or her employees. Drew is well-aware that there is no straight path to success. Moving forward, he refuses to view the results of his company’s practices from a binary vantage point. While some see a certain situation as either a win or a loss, Drew sees every situation as either a win or an opportunity to pivot, refine, or learn something new. Despite having a focus on artificial and automative processes, Drew truly values human capital. He makes locating top-tier talent, along with encouraging loyalty and satisfaction his top concerns. By promoting Esquify as a setting where co-workers can share, collaborate, and advance together allows Drew to reinforce this loyalty. Drew has been integral in giving Esquify employees a sense of empowerment, and its reputation as a business where people can challenge themselves and grow is one of many factors responsible for the firm’s low employee turnover and high job satisfaction. With motivated individuals and strong leadership, Esquify has already made a great name for itself and will only continue to reach new heights. Learn more about Drew and Esquify in the full video interview below.