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Supporting Rising Talent

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Paul Wilson, Owner and Artistic Director of Art + Science Hair Salon has built a culture of Mentorship.  What does that mean? In this leadership video, Wilson shares his organization’s unique cultural structure and how it builds a flourishing organization that develops and supports his best-in-class workforce.  The structure & culture of Art + Science begins with a rigorous education paired with big efforts to understand the minds of his young cadre of hairstylists so as to make for smooth implementations of policy and procedure. Art + Science brings young, new stylists into his educational program to bring the stylists into a structured & balanced. This provides a professional environment  that supports the employee financially, with benefits, continuing education all with structure to their days. This can be quite different from a traditional salon which can be filled with independent workers. Wilson’s organization with 100 plus employees, boasts a well-orchestrated, mentorship focused culture that supports his rising talent which results in an excellent experience for his clients.