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The Chicago Council On Global Affairs is an unbiased, non-profit, educational organization that is continuously looking towards the future and who will soon be celebrating their 100th anniversary. Its mission is to help people understand current world events and illustrate their relevance. Ivo Daalder, President of The Chicago Council On Global Affairs, strongly believes that in order to successfully lead an organization one needs to be open and approachable to his staff. Understanding employees’ wants and needs is the key factor when deciding how to lead. The biggest challenge that Ivo is currently facing is having enough revenue to cover expenses. By illustrating the importance of his firm’s mission he has been able to mitigate this issue and benefitted from individual and corporate donations to expand his service outreach to a larger audience. Using “Listen, Learn, and Lead” as a mantra for carrying out daily operations, Ivo is perpetually expanding his horizons and implementing new strategies and techniques to fulfill his firm’s daily objectives. Learn more about Ivo and The Chicago Council On Global Affairs in the full video above.