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Remember Your “Why”

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In the world of fast fashion, Robin Harris wants to appeal to an audience that favors quality over quantity. Model Atelier is a luxury e-commerce retail brand focusing on fashionable clothing exclusively for tall women. Harris, a former model herself, noticed a need for well made clothing for tall women, and jumped on the opportunity to create a brand that has grown exponentially since its inception. Harris’s advice for entrepreneurs looking to start their own brands is to find the audience that wants the product – she notes that e-commerce is and inherently fast-paced commodity, with two-day shipping almost the norm now. But she knows that there are people that want the product that she is providing at the quality level it is at. She also advises businesses to remember the “why” – to remember why they started the business, to get to know their customers, and to always stick to the vision that they had in the beginning. To learn more about Harris and Model Atelier, watch the full BizCast HQ video now!