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Look For Common Goals

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Information collection and processing has an incredibly adverse impact on professional growth and development. Catalytic is resolving this issue by taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence and Automation to help companies focus on original ideas instead of laborious processes. Jeff Grisenthwaite, the firm’s VP of Product, recently sat down with us to give an inside take on how his firm has helped others in the past and continues to catalyze efficiency and productivity for a wide range of enterprises. By outsourcing data analytics to robots and other forms of machine intelligence, Jeff assures that workers have more time and opportunity to engage in creative thinking and collaborate. Catalytic’s services have been used by many prominent softwares and platforms, including Slack, Google Drive, Salesforce, among others. Catalytic prides itself on its coherent strategy with regards to handling operations. By using its own technology to build solutions, the firm assures that the sourcing, recruiting, and on boarding procedure is handled in an orderly manner, and guarantees the same high standard of conduct for all current, new, and prospective clients. By looking for common goals, Jeff establishes an understanding of where problems occur in every clients’ business process and how these can be resolved. Learn more about Jeff and Catalytic in the full video interview below.