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Julie Novack Is Making Sure Your Next Event Is Unforgettable

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As the leader of a marketplace business, it can often seem like you are building two separate businesses. For Julie Novack, Co-Founder and CEO of PartySlate, managing the two sides of her marketplace business presented new challenges and opportunities. PartySlate is a platform for event professionals and event planners, meaning Julie’s focus is always swinging like a pendulum between the two sides of the market.

When first starting your business, sometimes it is important to take risks and make decisions that will ultimately not scale with your business. Experimenting with new products and designs is the best way to find your product-market fit. For PartySlate, Julie was continually tweaking formats and features of the platform to meet the specific needs of her consumers. Once a fit is established, it is easier to build upon the current model and properly scale the business.

For Julie, her leadership style is all about taking risks and staying on top of the market. From experimenting with her platform to expanding her business outside of Chicago against the word of her advisors, Julie is continually finding unique and innovative ways to build her team and company.