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Founder Katherine Darnstadt Talks About Her Open-Minded Outlook On Failure

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Creating a new building type in a city with a thriving business culture like Chicago is no easy feat. Katherine Darnstadt is the Founder of Boombox, a company that provides prefabricated, climate controlled, pop-up storefronts constructed from upcycled shipping containers available to rent for short term, retail, cultural, community, and marketing experiences. Creating a new building type as a startup organization brings several challenges and failures. According to the Telegraph, “Tomorrow’s top leaders won’t be perfect, but they will take carefully calculated risks, while accepting that failure is a byproduct of success and innovation.” As Katherine built her innovative business from the ground up, she found value in learning from the answer no and taking the necessary steps to turn the answer into a yes. What unique challenges is Katherine looking forward to taking on this year? Find out.