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Dan Dal Degan: CEO but NOT Founder

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Dan Dal Degan is the CEO of SpringCM, a workflow and document management system designed to simplify your business processes and make it easier for customers to work with your business. From onboarding processes to contract management, Dan Dal Degan is continually striving to ensure the work of his clients is flowing smoothly.

Dan first served as a board member and partner of SpringCM before moving into the CEO role. Having not been the founder of the company, taking over the CEO position presented several new challenges to Dan. Earning credibility and developing a rapport with everyone inside and outside of the company was a necessity. From partners to clients to employees, Dan worked to develop a foundation of trust with everyone while steering the company in the right direction.

At SpringCM, customer success is key. Dan Dal Degan’s secret for success is in qualifying relationships before pursuing them. By establishing the overall worth of each opportunity presented to SpringCM, Dan has been able to effectively prioritize tasks and keep his team from becoming too thinly spread. Pursuing the correct opportunities allows for your business to form long lasting relationships with each and every client.