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Phyllis Lee is the CMO at Joibit and she takes her leadership role very seriously as the steward of the Joibit brand. She sets the tone for the voice, internally and externally for the company, leading all communications and actions with the company mission statement with its values at the core of all messaging and leadership activities. For her, leadership always begins and ends with the company mission statement, and adhering to the values of the company which include genuine respect for her team and  for their customers. Making sure that cohesive brand and mission runs through all that is done at Joibit makes all the difference and that includes the high privacy and security standards the company employs – beyond what is required by the government policies. Taking a human approach to data privacy will help their company to continue to win. Respect for individuals, both employee and customer, is a value that runs through all at Joibit. Learn more about this start-up, their culture and mission in this inspired video with CMO, Phyllis Lee.