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CEO Scott Emalfarb On Finding Your Niche And Speaking The Social Media Language

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Digital and social media is the future of marketing, which is why Scott Emalfarb, CEO of Fresh Content Society, has such a strong passion for the industry. From analytics to social media campaigns, Fresh Content Society is a growing provider of social media services. “Social media is almost like its own language,” Scott explains. Keeping up with current trends is essential to making sure your business is a key part of the larger conversation.

In starting his company, Scott faced challenges balancing the daily tasks of the company while simultaneously expanding its clientele base. Consistently providing quality service to his clients was the number one priority, but it was clear that the company needed to grow. For Scott, bringing on trusted talent was the key to opening up time to pursue new business ventures. Linking back up with a past trusted co-worker or reliable friend is an excellent way to expand your team without any worries.

Scott advises to always have patience with new opportunities and expanding your business. It takes time to begin seeing results within your new business. Emphasizing your brand’s differentiating factors can help find your fit within the market. Scott found his niche in social media, which sets Fresh Content Society apart from several other service providers in the industry. Learn more about how Scott is continuing to expand his company.