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Building A Strong Infrastructure And Best Practices With CEO Dave Mooney

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Dave Mooney is the CEO of Alliant Credit Union, a member owned cooperative that serves a wide menu of financial services. Through a difficult transition in the company’s history, Dave found himself needing to rebuild and rebrand his company. In rebranding, Dave advises to develop a strong infrastructure and list of best practices before getting ahead of yourself.

In an industry where traditional resources are readily available, the key differentiator between companies is human capital. Dave looks to hire only those individuals that truly care about the mission of Alliant Credit Union and fit into the strategical growth of the brand. Alliant’s execution and strategy is currently shifting to meet the growing demand for mobile and digital operations.

Whether communication from the CEO is internal or external, Dave Mooney stresses the importance of being clear and timely. Effective communication from a leadership position minimizes the chances for any confusion and keeps the company focused on its mission each day.