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Building Your Business Through Word Of Mouth: Interview With CEO Marina Kohen

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Marina Kohen is the owner and CEO of APCS365, a female led company with 40 years of  experience in providing a wide variety of commercial cleaning services nationwide. Marina strives for innovation in her line up work, changing the cleaning industry with new techniques and 24 hour care.

In 2015, APCS365 made the switch from hiring contractors to hiring a full team of employees. Although this served as a great challenge in her career, the switch resulted in employees taking better ownership of their work and an established standardized cleaning process. In the cleaning industry, consistency is key, which is why Marina strives to exceed the needs of each and every one her clients.

APCS365 has been successfully operating for over 30 years, and CEO Marina credits the growth of her business to word of mouth. By never taking any of her relationships with her clients for granted, Marina has been able to effectively build the rapport of her business. Today, APCS365 is leading the full service commercial cleaning industry. Find out more in this interview.