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With the help of Co-Founder Gina Crevi, The Bra Lab is re-creating the design and structures of bras to allow for more enjoyment in women’s everyday lives. With open ears and a creative mind, Gina was astute to notice how many women complained about the comfort and designs of current bras. As a natural problem solver, she created a new design that makes all pieces of the bra interchangeable, allowing for a more ideal and comfortable fit. She has also used unique material to assure that feel and touch is appropriate for the skin. A master marketer, Gina has used social media to reach a wider range of women who are unhappy with their current bras. In doing so, she has quickly increased her target market. With a focus on customer service, Gina and her co-founder have analyzed data and other forms of client feedback to revamp Bra Lab inventory. Doing so has guaranteed that her company remains strong and innovative without stagnating. Learn more about Gina and The Bra Lab in the full video interview below.