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Communication With Clients Is #1

Jeanette Pawula top producer at Compass Chicago Residential talks about the varied ways the real estate industry can shift and the one thing that helps maneuver that change.  The key imperative to keeping a client happy, getting a sale or helping them buy a new home is excellent communication. Ms. Pawula also talks about marketing […]

Owning the Responsibility of Hiring

Eachan Fletcher CEO at Nestegg believes that his biggest asset in his company are his people.  He also believes that the spots within his company are finite and should be filled with care. That’s why he has a rule that after every interview either it’s an absolute yes or an absolute no but never wavered […]

Achieving a Competitive Advantage: Performance from Packaging

In today’s crowded marketplace, brands that deliver packaged goods emerge every day — and loyalty is thin. To achieve a competitive advantage, companies must remember that their packaging contains far more than the product. It holds the potential to serve as an organizing principle for business and springboard for value creation. Joining me today is […]

Learn the 6 Key Pillars to Grow Your Business for Fun and Profit

Learn the 6 Key Pillars to Grow Your Business for Fun and Profit   It’s a pandemic out there. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, 1-in-4 businesses could close this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. How can you ensure that your company won’t become a negative statistic during these troubled times? What are […]

Life Hacks “Pivot vs. Quit”

In this episode, Alyssa Rapp, CEO of Surgical Solutions, and master of The Pivot answers some of our questions on navigating remote work during the current worldwide crisis, and how to best choose between Quitting vs. Pivoting. Alyssa dives into the reasoning behind when to Quit or Pivot, and further expands into the different challenges […]


Cityzenith gives power to building industry professionals by aggregating all of their project data and software into a single tool: Smart World Pro. Smart World Pro, the 2016 Realcomm Digie Award winner for “Best Tech Innovation in Commercial/Corporate Real Estate,” is used by forward-thinking architects, property managers, and property owners who know they need to […]

Mimo Monitors

Mimo Monitors, established in 2008, is a global expert and industry leader in small touchscreen monitors, displays, and tablets. Designed with a solutions-first approach, we believe in creating small footprint and high value displays that drive innovation and provide a seamless experience for digital signage, conference rooms, kiosks, point of purchase, point of sale, hospitality, […]

Positive Change Through Smart Business Decisions

In this interview with Tim Barry, CEO and Co-Founder of VillageMD tells us about his early efforts to build his business that included hiring and infrastructure. He talks about thinking how he felt that this was building his business, but he came to understand that although having a talented team and strong structure for the […]

Innovation within a Family Business

Ryan Ruskin, CEO of The Ruskin Group, a 126 year old family-owned business, is faced with many challenges but the biggest is staying relevant and innovative.  The Ruskin Group is big on innovations under Ruskin’s leadership. Watch this interview to hear how Ruskin feels about keeping his finger on the pulse of the business, always […]

Building through Effective Recruiting

Michael Jansen, Chairman & CEO of CITYZENITH talks about the evolution of digital marketing, and how their marketing has gone from just dropping bombs of marketing programs to being able to zero in on their target very specifically giving them excellent leads. Jansen goes on to talk about recruiting the very best people and filling […]