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Vanco International

With more than 50 years in the Electronics Accessories Industry, Vanco has its origin as a provider of high quality audio, video, mobile, and CB accessories. Products were delivered by the company “Van” directly to the distributor and dealer locations throughout the Midwestern United States; thus the name Vanco. Today, although Vanco no longer uses […]


Geofeedia is the market leader in location-based social media monitoring, intelligence and analysis for corporate security, public safety, media/journalism and marketing teams. Geofeedia’s patented platform enables organizations to derive social intelligence from specific geographic locations to understand, in real-time, what’s happening within the areas most important to them. Headquartered in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, Geofeedia […]

Marcin Kleczynski

Marcin wrote the first version of Malwarebytes in 2004 and founded the company four years later. Today, he leads more than 350 employees in 15 countries, overseeing the strategic expansion of the business, as well as the long-term vision for the research and development teams. Marcin has been recognized for his work in cyber security, […]

Stratosphere Networks, LLC

Stratosphere Networks is a Chicago-based multifaceted IT and Cyber Security managed service provider focused on delivering comprehensive technology services and solutions to meet and exceed the always-changing, diverse business needs. Since 2003, Stratosphere Networks has grown exponentially and continues to provide the best-in-class and cost-effective solutions to businesses in all industries.

Steve Melchiorre

Steve Melchiorre is the co-founder and CEO of Stratosphere Networks and Converged Communication Systems (CCS). A serial entrepreneur, Steve founded his first company while he was in high school, and his second company, which he established in college, grew to have more than 200 repeat clients. He earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and business […]

Dan Roberts

Dan Roberts is the CEO and co-founder of Scout Alarm.  Scout is a self-installed, wireless home security system.  Dan lives at the intersection of design and business. He leads the design team on all things Scout, but spends an equal amount of time working with the sales and marketing teams. Previously, Dan was a Founder-in-Residence […]