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President Todd Jones On New Technology, Effective Communication And Recruitment

Writer Alex Irvine said, “It’s better to tell someone something they already know than to not tell them something they needed to hear.” Todd Jones, President of BBMC Mortgage, has applied this idea of over-communication to his company in order to effectively manage his locations and services in all 50 states. Whether Todd is delegating […]

Understand The Balance Between Business And Technology

Tom Thimot, CEO of Clarity Insights, discusses the importance of understanding the balance between business and technology. While it is easy to get caught up in the details of your technology, it is critical to find a solution to a business problem by using that technology. Tom is always reminding his team of what makes […]

Waident Technology Solutions

We support the people who use technology and free your staff to focus on the business. When you contact us, you will connect with someone who understands the business needs and has all of the technology tools and documentation to handle the request efficiently. We’re more than a remote help desk At Waident Technology Solutions […]

Brand New Technology Is A Double-Edged Sword

LEMKO is a premier communications software company that provides a complete mobile network at the cell site (RAN), distributing the core intelligence to the edge of the network and creating a reliable, flat IP architecture for mobile computing. Its next-generation technology eliminates costly backhaul, lowers data latency and delivers the industry’s network vision for 4G […]

Business Technology Partners

Business Technology Partners, LLP (“BT Partners”) is a full-service technology company with more than 25 years serving the small-medium business (SMB) market. As a leading US reseller of mid-range ERP business software (such as Intacct cloud financials), BT Partners is dedicated to providing practical and economic solutions for the manufacturing, wholesale distribution and professional services […]

Kamea Networks & Technology

Contracting for various clients; recently completed long term assignment with major Chicago University as their Senior Student Systems Application Coordinator. Highlights include: Motorola Solutions – IT Architecture consultant for Disaster Recovery project; promoted to Project Manager 5 months later. *Overseeing technical, administrative, operational and budgetary concerns for $6.5 million project to refresh hardware onto VMware […]

The Craft of Building Technology

Trading Technologies is a global provider of technology solutions for the capital markets. CEO, Rick Lane, talks about the rate of change in the capital markets industry in the past 10-15 years, largely driven by technology.

How Technology Increases Car Sales

Denise Chudy, CEO of LotLinx, talks about why is it a great time to be in automotive digital marketing. She stresses the importance of deals finding the best way to enhance a customer’s car shopping experience-now more than ever, through technology. Hear how the best pieces of business advice she has received have translated over […]

BMW Technology Corporation

Under the BMW Group umbrella, the BMW Technology Corporation is a technology development company that specializes in building connected car services. The organization is concentrating on creating software services that integrate consumers’ digital lives with their mobility needs to make their end-to-end driving experiences easier, safer and more pleasurable. The BMW Technology Corporation is located […]

Digital Technology: From 1871 to Present

With more mobile viewers than ever, Rob Dang, Managing Partner of Netrix, explains why creating mobile friendly websites is paramount. As a full-service IT consulting and business strategy firm, Netrix knows that digital marketing helps its clients keep up with the latest trends. The firm recently helped Chicago tech startup hub 1871 with connectivity and […]