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Michael Bordenet


Michael Bordenet is Vice President at Zonatherm Products, Inc., a leading provider of mission-critical solutions in the power and cooling industry. Mike has 38 years of experience serving enterprises that must have uninterrupted power to its systems and operations, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. His customers are respected corporate brands in industries such as airlines, banking, financial exchanges, insurance, health care, academia and many others.

Mike is responsible for Hyperscale and Data 365 solutions customers for Zonatherm, identifying data center solutions that help enterprises deploy systems to expand and scale quickly. He also helps companies streamline operations to improve efficiencies and the bottom line.

Mike has overseen sales for power, service and channel for all Zonatherm data center customers and is an expert in the areas of HVAC, UPS Power, Power Distribution, Storage Area Network (SAN), Cabling, Enterprise Software, and PaaS.

Mike takes pride in being an industry disruptor. In 2014, he led the deployment of the first lithium battery system into a data center, an industry game-changer which addressed the problem of Lead Acid (VRLA) battery stability, previously viewed as the weakest link of data center UPS system.

As a mechanical and electrical engineer, Mike’s colleagues say he’s a walking encyclopedia on electrical codes. Mike has shared his industry expertise while teaching Principles of Refrigeration at the College of DuPage, and as a founding board member of the Lake Michigan Region 7 x 24 Exchange -- a group of engineering professionals tracking data center trends, efficiencies and improvements.

Mike is a member of the Illinois Green Alliance, BOMA Chicago, Electrical Association – Consulting Electrical Engineers Division, IEEE – Chicago Section, ASHRAE – Illinois Chapter Illinois Chamber of Commerce and the Illinois Technology Association.

Mike lives in Lake Barrington, Illinois with his wife, son, daughter, as well as, cats named Reese and Marley (the Island cat form St. Kitts).
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