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Product Development Philosophies for Growth

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Sean Chou serves as Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Catalytic. When it comes to workflow, Catalytic is the leader in creating efficiencies. Workflow needs to be an easy platform, easy for a business owner to use. As a CEO he talks about how he needs to help his team to understand the direction that the company is taking  as a whole and how and why it is moving that way, so that every team member is working toward that goal, no matter the goal. He also listens to his team and leadership within his organization. His message is that, as a leader, he remains open minded and listens to ideas from everyone around him. Chou also discusses that, when he is wrong, he admits it and shows that vulnerability. That authentic way of sharing his mistakes helps him to work more honestly with his team.  Learn more about Sean Chou’s leadership at Catalytic in this excellent leadership video.