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AHP Servicing is the only socially responsible, crowdfunded trading and servicing company in the country. DeAnn O’Donovan, the President & CEO, says that what sets her company apart isn’t just its unique niche – it’s the employees who believe in the social mission. AHP uses crowdsourced funding to purchase past-due home loans and works with the homeowners to ensure that they handle their debt responsibly while also providing them with an avenue to stay in their homes. O’Donovan states that one of the most important things a company can do is to pay it forward to their employees. If an employer cares about his or her employees, they will feel that and grow along with the company, and it will open the opportunity for the company to bring them along as they discover new opportunities. To find out more about DeAnn and AHP Servicing, watch the full BizCastHQ video.