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Be Brutally Honest With Clients

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Charles Botchway is the CEO of Madison Street Capital, a boutique investment bank that handles mergers, acquisitions and capital raises for clients. Botchway discusses some of the challenges that he has faced in his time growing his business. He says that growth in and of itself is a fantastic thing, but it’s also challenging if it isn’t managed properly. A business needs to properly balance itself, being unafraid of change in management styles to make things run more easily. Controlled, sustained growth is excellent, but growth for the sake of growth becomes unsustainable very quickly. Some advice he has for entrepreneurs is to surround themselves with people who are smarter than them, and to be brutally honest with clients every step of the way – don’t feed egos, tell them what they need to hear. To learn more about Botchway and Madison Street Capital, watch the full BizCast HQ video.