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CDO Of Over 500 Locations: How To Manage Franchisees

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With over 500 locations throughout the United States and Canada, Pure Barre is becoming a pioneer in the boutique fitness marketplace. Chief Development Officer John Kersh tells us that managing those hundreds of franchisees comes a unique set of challenges. Understanding the individual needs of each franchisee is extremely important to the overall success of the brand. As CDO, John explains that he always supports the ideas of his location managers and encourages them to pursue the best options for the company.

As a leader at Pure Barre, putting ego aside and providing a genuine listening ear to the needs of the employees and customers is a top priority. “Listen to understand,” John tells us. People love to talk, whether it be about themselves or their business. Learning early on to talk less early and listen more played a huge role in John’s career.

It is absolutely essential to respect the needs and ideas of your team. John explains that people work for more than simply a paycheck. Employees work to be a part of a greater mission and they strive to be valued in their role. As CDO, John ensures that each of his employees understands his or her role at Pure Barre.