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Care About Your Employees

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With an attentive and open-minded approach, Sterling Site Access Solutions is notably improving project workflow on construction jobs. CEO Carter Sterling recently sat down with us to illustrate how operating with a caring and understanding manner within a leadership position encourages lasting satisfaction for company employees and clients alike. Regarding employees, Carter’s main goal is to recognize talent and motivation among all individuals, without feeling an aversion to hire due to factors like race, religion, etc. To ease the transition into the professional world, Carter offers ESL courses for workers of immigrant families, and provides affordable housing for employees from poorly-endowed and/or dangerous communities. To reinforce gratification, he generously provides competitive wages and a wide range of benefits for all Sterling employees. In addition to external incentives, Carter is fostering a friendly and engaging environment with the aim of ensuring intrinsic satisfaction among his staff. At Sterling, employees are free to ask questions and present ideas without fear of being rebuked or disregarded. Moving forward, Carter’s caring commitment to his customers has been an integral force in his company’s success. At Sterling, issues such as lack of efficiency or poor management are always noted, and customers feel at ease knowing that their concerns are accounted for. Learn more about Carter and Sterling Co. in the full video interview below.