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Bonnie Micheli Has Built An Incredible Community Around Her Brand

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Shred415 is a high intensity interval training class that alternates between treadmill and floor exercises. Since inception, Bonnie and her co-owner Tracy have relentlessly pursued the highest level of customer service. Before scaling her business, Bonnie used to do every job from working the kid’s room to training the clients. Through this tireless work, a community of dedicated clients began to form and grow.

Scaling your business is a great accomplishment but can also be a huge challenge. When it was time for Shred415 to expand, it was critical to Bonnie that the fundamentals of her business scaled well. The high-intensity workouts, welcoming community and excellent customer service were the three core values that Shred415 was built around.

Learning to delegate and motivate a much larger team of employees was an obstacle for Bonnie and the Shred415 team. Through holding weekly meetings with her franchise managers and learning what motivates them, Bonnie has developed a high level of business management skills and a strong team that thoroughly believes in the mission of Shred415.