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Believe In Better: Sue McCloskey Is Living Out Her Company’s Motto Everyday

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Although Co-Founder of fairlife Sue McCloskey has had great success expanding her company from coast to coast, her secret to success is right on the bottle of every fairlife product: “Believe In Better”. To Sue, the accomplishments of her business serve has events to look back on and feel appreciative of her team. The concept of being a humble leader is one that has recently gained a lot of attention. According to the Wall Street Journal, braggart CEOs with big egos do not perform as well, nor do their staffs perform as well, as CEOs who’ve been schooled in the fine art of humility, and that, as a result, boards of companies are beginning to hire accordingly. By remaining humble and focused on the goals of the company, Sue has been able to successfully empower the workers around her to achieve greatness.