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Form partnerships to solve problems

Dan Kotowski is the President & CEO at Child Serv, an important human services organization in Chicago that helps treat and protect children. Mr. Kotowski talks about the challenges he faced when he came aboard with a 2 million dollar deficit and how with partnerships, he brought the organization into a healthy place. As he […]

Framework CareFree IT

Framework CareFree™ IT, Security & Cloud Managed Services is laser-focused on delivering CareFree™ business technology solutions. Our proactive methodology and world-class response times guarantee efficient, agile, and scalable growth across your organization. We combine data-driven intelligence, advanced security defenses, and a high-touch customer service experience that bridge gaps between people, process, and technology to dramatically […]

Utilizing Human Capital Is Critical For Success

Brian Polatsek, CEO EcoBrite Linen shares the big challenges his company has faced when it comes to human capital after losing their entire staff overnight due to illegal workers being revealed through a homeland security audit. He talks about recovering from that experience and how they moved forward. Mr. Polatsek also shares the challenges they […]

Have Candidates Go Through A Working Interview

Sagar Pandya, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer at Middleground IT has so much great insight to share about technical infrastructure in a small business helping them with automation and cyber security. A few things that Mr. Pandya advocates in his role is the working interview process where the candidate comes to spend a day on […]

Hyla, Inc.

Led by a deeply experienced team, HYLA Mobile is a privately held, US-based technology company backed by several well-known and widely respected private equity and venture capital firms. We service the $31B secondary-use device market by focusing on the technology rooted in automation, AI, and analytics – all with an uncompromising approach to quality, velocity, […]

Biju Nair

 As President and CEO, Biju Nair is responsible for the execution and strategy of HYLA’s global business. He leads the company’s expanding effort to grow the company’s global strategic vision, with a focus on bringing new technology solutions and new business opportunities to the forefront. He is responsible for all aspects of ensuring the company’s […]

Thomas Flake

Thomas Flake founded Bcause in 2012 and has served as the firm’s Chief Marketing Officer and Board Member since January 2014. After leaving an 8.5-year career in the Navy, in 1994, Tom started a business, Synergy Consultants, which provided computer education seminars, software development and outsourced desktop support to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) community. […]

Evaluate Need and Provide a Solution that Exactly Fits

Kevin Velene is Director of Sales at LaMarco Systems, an integrative security company in Chicago. He speaks about the importance of having a strong executive team, and the advantages of having a close team. Watch the full BizCastHQ video for more.

Businesses Are All About People

Gary Walter is the President of Infutor Data Solutions, a Consumer Identity Management company that focuses on helping brands learn all there is to know about their consumers. Gary discusses the importance and process of how to best implement and maintain values through setting goals for sales efficiency, growth and employee appreciation. He also brings […]

Hold Loosely To Goals And Firmly To Intent

David W. Mooney is the President and CEO of Alliant Credit Union, a financial cooperative that provides a reach of banking services. He discusses the industry challenge of declining interest rates, the need to keep up with changing technology, the threat of cyber security, and more. Watch the full BizCastHQ video to learn more about […]