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Non-Profit Corporate Support is Essential to this Chicago Non-Profit An Entrepreneurial Non-Profit

A non-profit switching from public to private funding may seem daunting, but Aspire’s partnerships and entrepreneurship have made it a successful move. By connecting with major supporters around the Chicago area, Aspire has been able to spread its message and become financially stable on its own, all while creating breakthrough solutions for people with disabilities.

Non-Profit Looks To Diversify Funding Stream

One Hope United, a 120-year-old human services organization, focuses on early learning and childhood development, along with the placement of children in the public welfare system. Newly appointed CEO Scott Humphrey speaks inspirationally about how One Hope United is making a difference helping families and children, along with his goal of finding new revenue streams […]

Tech Startups “Catapult” To Success In Non-Profit Collaborative Space

Chris Cain, Catapult Chicago co-founder, explains how growing tech startups thrive in its non-profit, collaborative space by networking with and learning from peers. Some of their success stories include Shiftgig, Opternative, Rithmio, LearnCore and Packback…in total more than 30 companies that employee 400-plus people in Chicago.


AspireUp is a strategic marketing and brand and innovation consulting firm that helps companies identify new avenues for growth. Our projects focus on developing brand and marketing strategies, creating new products and services, and executing market research to understand markets and customer needs. We have 25 consultants with senior-level experience in marketing and general management, […]

Aleksandra Efimova

Aleksandra Efimova is CEO of RP Group Int’l, a Chicago-based corporation est. 1998 & home to global brands offering products, services and education that motivates movers to learn, grow and achieve. RP Group’s brands are best known for consistent innovation, the highest quality materials and crafting, and outstanding responsiveness to the needs of its customers. […]

Megan Spinos

As lead of Vocon’s strategic consulting practice, Megan helps organizations make decisions about the design and use of their work space to support their culture and business goals such as improved productivity, employee attraction and engagement, innovation to increase market share and real estate portfolio optimization. Megan and her team are experts at understanding the […]

Noah Turner

Noah Turner is Senior Vice President of CBIZ Gibraltar Real Estate Services. His primary focus is consulting tenants in identifying, planning & negotiating for their office space requirements. Noah’s experience spans over 20+ years and he has worked with businesses in all industries around the Chicago Metropolitan area, as well as throughout the United States. […]

Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

Chicago Coalition for the Homeless (CCH) is the only non-profit in Illinois solely dedicated to advocating for and with homeless people, including families, students, youth, ex-offenders, and low-wage workers. We advocate for a shelter safety net, supportive housing, access to quality public schools, healthcare, and human services. Our housing campaign, Bring Chicago Home, advocates for […]