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From prototype through production, ARO Metal Stamping is YOUR turnkey source for LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH VOLUME PRECISION METAL STAMPINGS and ASSEMBLIES. Our STAMPING CAPABILITES include both HEAVY and HIGH SPEED metal stamping in addition to ASSEMBLY and value added stamping services. We MANUFACTURE… Bus bars, bus bar assemblies, lead frames, heatsinks, shields, covers, clips, springs, brackets, retainers, fences, insert molded components, terminals, lighting components, refrigeration components, corner braces, antennas, mounting plates, fuse clips, and solenoid components to name a few, but CUSTOM PARTS is what we do. President, Erica Wiegel, knows that getting involved that could benefit your personal career but your business as well. Wiegel is not industry just personally, but in it as a family. How does Erica think that women bring a little extra to the tabel, especially in her field? Find out.