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Wake Up Every Day And Try To Make An Impact

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At Exercise Buddy, Founder and President David Geslak is creating new opportunities for disadvantaged individuals to reach high levels of physical and mental happiness. Through use of visual support and technology, people have greater access to work out routines that boost stamina and maintain good health. By allocating his services to parents, professionals, and educators, David assures that busy individuals can find new opportunities to preserve their well-being. With past experience as a fitness coordinator for autistic children, David has developed the patience, desire, and understanding necessary to improve the quality of life for those in need. Exercise Buddy’s most serious challenge so far has been retaining a work-life balance. With a family of his own, David works tirelessly to make sure that his loved ones are accounted for and that his services can benefit a wider range of people. A naturally empathetic person, David focuses on others who are frequently occupied to assure that all have the time to focus on health despite inhibiting obligations. With university support and research studies, David is confident Exercise Buddy will provide exceptional aid to all who live with autism and hope for a joyous life. Learn more about David and ExerciseBuddy in the full video interview below.