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From Trainer To CEO: Devan Kline Discusses His Transition With Burn Boot Camp

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Devan Kline started Burn Boot Camp with his wife Morgan, pursuing his passion of training clients and inspiring them to conquer challenges both inside and outside of the gym. Burn Boot Camp provides a high intensity workout program developed to build a community and high energy atmosphere for women. At Burn Boot Camp, the workouts are much more than a simple routine. They are a metaphor for any challenge life might throw your way.

The transition from personal trainer to CEO was not an easy task. Like many leaders, the ability to simply let go and trust other employees right away did not come naturally. Through developing an effective 35-point checklist for all Burn Boot Camp trainers, Devan was able to delegate responsibilities and effectively teach his employees how to be successful.

Devan touches on the most unpopular decision he had to make as CEO of his company. Earning the approval of your teammates for a new or risky initiative is always a challenge. Pushback from your leadership team over these decisions is normal, but it’s extremely important how your respond. Find out more about how Devan was able to keep his eye on the mission and effectively bring his teammates on board with the his initiative.