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Executive Producer Krystina Wilson Explains How Framestore Is Changing The Game With New Tech

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Iconic Framestore has been creating a name for itself in the world of advertising, film, visual effects and virtual reality for over 31 years. Krystina Wilson, Executive Producer, talks with BizCastHQ about her leadership style and the lessons she has learned throughout her successful career.

When working in the industry of film or advertising, interpretation is everything. Accurate interpretation from the director or the creative team is extremely important, which is why Krystina always prefers in-person communication with her team and clients. Keeping communications effective and efficient during a busy day in the life at Framestore is just one of the several challenging tasks Krystina takes on everyday.

From the early stages of her career, Krystina has always seeked out constructive criticism and ways to improve her work. Today as a leader, Krystina spreads that same passion for improvement and finding your place with the business to her team. Constructive criticism and effective communication allow for Krystina’s team to enjoy their work and know they are doing the job well.