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Joseph Annotti Consulting HBR Consulting

HBR Consulting (HBR) delivers advisory, managed services and software solutions that increase productivity and profitability, while mitigating risk for law firms, law departments and corporations. As trusted advisors with deep industry experience, clients partner with HBR to achieve significant, sustainable results.

Scott Hansen Consulting

Scott Hansen Consulting helps small business owners increase revenue, scale their business and acquire more lucrative clients by providing them with proven lead generation, sales, marketing, and productivity strategies; while helping their business become more profitable. What makes Scott Hansen Consulting unique is plain and simple. It gets massive results for business owner clients and […]

KENTECH Consulting Inc.

KENTECH is an MBE award winning background technology screening company. COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTIONS Headquartered in Chicago, IL, KENTECH provides extensive background and web-based verification solutions throughout the United States of America. Our online suite of Background checking tools is powered by the latest technology offered to Banking, Employers, Housing Authorities, Non-Profits, Job Seekers, Students and School […]

Kenway Consulting

Kenway Consulting is a Chicago-based management and technology consulting firm whose entire reason for existence is to help companies and its employees. Founded in 2004 on the principles of being good and being truthful, Kenway believes that the means to success is actually more important than success itself. The company’s set of Guiding Principles steer […]

Business Sense Consulting

Business Sense Consulting is a leader in the development of business strategy. We add value and direction while working with our clients in the creation of strategic business direction using our leading Connect 1 methodology. We practice strategic planning, execution, practice group management, mergers and combinations, law firm economics and strategic management issue resolution. Our […]

Raise The Bar Consulting

We help companies retain their millennial talent and unlock their people potential. You need 100% from every employee to run a thriving business. We go to work on the causes of millennial disengagement. Millennials have one foot out the door – and the turnover is costing you $10,000+ per loss. We train and work one-one […]

Symphonic Communications Consulting

Today, people expect quality products, competitive prices, and dedicated service, so these can no longer be the only things you deliver. To impress your customers and turn them into advocates for your business, you must deliver something unexpected and engaging that resonates with their minds and hearts; something that lies at the intersection between your brand’s values, culture, and distinct personality […]

Henson Consulting

Founded in 2001, Henson Consulting, Inc. (HC) is an award-winning, full-service Chicago boutique PR agency comprised of talent from leading global public relations firms and America’s top newsrooms. HC works with some of the biggest and best brands in the country, providing superior strategy, first-rate creativity and high-impact results in broadcast, print and online media […]

CBIG Consulting

CBIG Consulting is a highly respected and award-winning professional services firm offering Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics consulting solutions. Our goal, first and foremost, is to help our clients be successful by taking the vast amounts of data they collect and transform that data into information and insight. 2016 Recent Honors & Awards: Forbes: […]