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Ted Leonard

Ted Leonard is a seasoned technology and finance industry executive and successful entrepreneur with a diverse background across multiple industries and business functions, including executive management, board advisory, corporate finance, day-to-day operations and transactions.  Prior to receiving his MBA, Mr. Leonard started his career as an analyst at Thomson Reuters. He then went on to […]

Drew Lydecker

Drew Lydecker is president and co-founder of AVANT. Responsible for worldwide sales and marketing, he is the company’s “chief executive evangelist.” Leveraging expertise in cloud and global telecom services, Lydecker passionately studies the IT market, dedicated to making AVANT a trusted resource for focused and broad-based providers alike. He believes that success hinges on embracing […]

Maria Wynne

Maria Wynne has distinguished herself as an executive with broad leadership experience in the corporate, public and nonprofit sectors. As a sales vice president for Xerox and a sales general manager for Microsoft, she has led national sales and marketing organizations for both U.S. leading brands. Her successes include accomplishments as a technology and telecommunications […]

Brian King

In 2004, nine years after beginning his career with Accenture, Brian King founded Kenway Consulting, a management and technology consulting firm focused on helping clients in the areas of Project Lifecycle, Enterprise Transformation and Information Insight. His goal was to start the company for which he always wanted to work, and he has since built […]

CEO John Fakhoury On The Importance Of Taking Risks And Being Comfortable With Failure

As a leader, taking calculated risks is a challenging aspect of the job. For John Fakhoury, CEO of Framework Communications, he values having risk takers on his team. Framework Communications is a single-source Managed IT & Telecommunications solution and support provider. By being comfortable with failure, the team is able to adjust quickly and always […]

Jim Hart

Jim Hart, President at Burwood Group, has over 20 years of experience in technology consulting and leadership. He joined Burwood Group in 1998 to lead Burwood Group’s go-to-market strategy and business development efforts. Today he oversees Burwood’s client-facing functions including advisory services, technology consulting, and business strategy. Jim has served as a trusted advisor to […]

Victor Dickson

Victor B. Dickson joined Safer Foundation as its president in 2013, bringing a blend of nonprofit and corporate experience and a passion to advocate on behalf of those often deemed second-class citizens. Under his leadership, Safer Foundation has moved more toward training clients for high-demand industries and occupations so they can have a better chance […]

Lou Ennuso

Lou is the Chief Executive Officer of Adeptia, responsible for driving the overall strategic development of Adeptia, as well as leading business development, sales, marketing and fundraising activities. Building upon a progressive career in sales, sales management and business development, Lou has achieved a successful track record of continuous growth for both Fortune 500 and […]


ObjectWave is a full-service digital commerce solution provider focused on our customer’s customer. We have been changing the face of ecommerce since 1990, focusing on everything from digital strategy, branding and front-end design, to building enterprise ecommerce solutions and maintaining them over time. ObjectWave’s commitment to their customers and rigorous processes have resulted in a […]

RightHand Technologies

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Chicago, RightHand Technologies is a leading design and manufacturing company focused on ruggedized designs, video processing and low-power portable solutions for various industries, including aerospace, defense, industrial automation and gaming. The company is expert at taking complex electronic system requirements from concept through design, specialized manufacturing and sophisticated functional testing to create manufactured […]