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Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental health care in the workplace  is trending and Ariel McGrew, founder and CEO of Tactful Disruption brings counseling services to organizations interested in serving their workforce with services that help them to be the best they can be. Her programs help lead employees to become stronger mentally within their roles in the company and […]

CEO Thomas Cornwell Discusses The Future Of The Health Industry

Switching your profession from doctor to CEO is no easy task. That’s exactly what Thomas Cornwell did when he became CEO of the Home Centered Care Institute. Founded in 2012, the Home Centered Care Institute (HCCI) is a collaborative non-profit organization that is advancing home-based primary care nationwide to ensure that medically complex and homebound […]

Upfront Healthcare Services

Upfront aligns population health and ambulatory care to make every visit valuable. We get it. Navigating the competing demands of value-based contracts, fee for service volume, and patient access is hard. Current approaches are not delivering the financial results or patient and provider satisfaction necessary for business growth. Upfront welcomes, prepares, and recalls patients for […]


GoHealth is a Chicago-based company that powers GoHealthInsurance.com, a private health insurance marketplace that has helped millions of consumers shop for coverage. With world-class technology and a team of licensed insurance advisors, GoHealth helps individuals and families obtain the right health insurance coverage. Working with 300 health insurance companies, GoHealth enables consumers to easily compare […]

Oak Street Health

Oak Street Health is a rapidly growing company of primary care centers for adults on Medicare in medically-underserved communities where there is little to no quality healthcare. Oak Street’s care is based on an entirely new model that is based on value for its patients, not on volume of services. The company is accountable for […]

Focus The Business On Being Healthy

DragonSpears is focused on building software that makes a difference, saves lives, and disrupts industries. CEO, Patrick Emmons, knows the importance of making the company healthy and creating teams and a vision. With technology evolving, Emmons and his team are always trying to come up with new and better ideas. What’s one goal that Emmons […]

Analyte Health

Analyte Health is an innovative healthcare company based in Chicago, Illinois that uses technology to help people gain greater access to patient care and expert medical information. Our mission is to use technology to transform medicine for the benefit of patients by delivering a truly exceptional patient experience for everyone every day. Analyte Health is […]

Healthy Meals Delivered

Eat Purely  is a company with chef made locally sourced organic healthy meals delivered in 20 minutes. Jeremiah Green, CEO and Co-Founder, talks about why the company stands out, as well as trends in the industry today.

Chicago Health Executives Forum

With over 1,700 members, the Chicago Health Executive’s Forum (CHEF) is a leading professional organization for Chicago’s healthcare community. CHEF was established in 1976 as a not-for-profit organization to serve the needs of our healthcare community by providing networking opportunities and avenues for continuing education and leadership development. CHEF’s membership consists of professionals from all […]

Providing Healthcare to Underserved Chicago Communities

As the Executive Director of Near North Health Services Corporation (NNHSC) for more than 25 years, Berneice Mills-Thomas says that from the beginning the biggest challenge has been recruiting primary care physicians. Even though funding is always an issue, NNHSC has been able to expand its healthcare services to uninsured and under-insured patients in additional […]