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Noah Turner of CBIZ Gibraltar & Donald B. Leventhal

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Real Estate and the COVID-19 Implications — Video Insights: Business and Legal Considerations for Tenants

As the uncertainties around the impact of coronavirus continue, the workplace remains top of mind for commercial tenants as they look for cost saving in the short term and consider their office space needs in the future. Many are asking about rent abatements and if landlords can forgive rent, what force majeure looks like relative to COVID-19, and how real estate professionals and attorneys can help.

Noah A. Turner, SVP of CBIZ Gibraltar Real Estate Service, and Attorney Donald B. Leventhal address these issues on the latest webinar from BizCastHQ — and dive into:

  • What’s happening in real estate and how projects are continuing to move forward
  • What lawyers are seeing and how businesses can get ahead of it
  • What workplace needs (space, technology, amenities, etc.) should be considered now for when we return to the office and/or when to think about new space