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COVID-19: THE UNWANTED GUEST – Restaurants & Hospitality State of Affairs

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Hosting a live discussion with Tim Pickett, CEO at Encompass AV, joined by Steve Lombardo III [President of Gibsons Restaurant Group], Scott Wiener [Founder and Owner of The Fifty 50 Group], Nathaniel Brethold [Director, Hospitality Asset Management at Marquee Development / Hickory Street Capital] and Nabil Moubayed [Area Director of Operations at Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants]

The hospitality industry was one of the first — and hardest hit — industries grappling with the coronavirus pandemic. Heavy restrictions, shelter-in-place orders and efforts to minimize the spread of this virus forced most to halt operations for an unforeseen time. Many hospitality professionals are asking:

** What do operations look like right now?

** What strategies exist to weather the COVD-19 storm; right now, mid-term and for when the orders are lifted?

** What technologies are being considered and how will tech help enhance guests’ experience in the new normal?

** What, if any, is an optimal time to consider enhancements?