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CBIG Consulting is a highly respected and award-winning professional services firm offering Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics consulting solutions. Our goal, first and foremost, is to help our clients be successful by taking the vast amounts of data they collect and transform that data into information and insight. 2016 Recent Honors & Awards:
  • Forbes: CBIG one of “America’s Best Management Consulting Firms: Data Analytics & Big Data”
  • APAC CIO Outlook: CBIG among the “25 Most Promising Business Intelligence Solution Providers”
  • The Silicon Review: CBIG one of the “Top 10 Fastest Growing Data Analytics Companies”
2015 Honors & Awards:
  • Clutch Research: CBIG a “Top IT Services Firm in Chicago”
  • CIO Story: CBIG “One of 50 Most Powerful Big Data Vendors”
  • CIO Review: CBIG one of the “100 Most Promising Big Data Companies”
  • Insights Success: CBIG one of “20 Most Valuable IT Services Companies”
  • Great Agencies: CBIG Consulting the “#1 Big Data Analytics and BI Company”
  • Outsourcing Gazette: CBIG a “Top 25 Most Promising Big Data Outsourcing Vendor”
2014 Honors & Awards:
  • CIO Story: CBIG one of the “20 Most Powerful Big Data Solution Providers”
  • CIO Review: CBIG one of the “20 Most Promising Healthcare Tech Consulting Providers”
  • Recovendor Research: CBIG a “Top Big Data Analytics Company – USA”
  • CIO Review: CBIG one of the “100 Most Promising Big Data Companies”
  • Clutch Research: CBIG a “Top Big Data and BI Consulting Company”
  • Clutch Research: CBIG a “Top Hadoop Consulting Company”
2013 Honors & Awards:
  • CIO Review: CBIG Consulting one of the “20 Most Promising Data Analytics Companies”
  • Clutch Research: CBIG Consulting a “Top Marketing Analytics Consultant”
  • Clutch Research: CBIG Consulting a “Top BI & Big Data Consultant”
  • CIO Review: CBIG one of the “20 Most Promising Big Data Companies”
At CBIG, we’re especially proud of our people, who are leading experts and published authors in the data analytics field. CBIG’s leading consultants have, on average, been in the Business Intelligence (BI) industry for more than 15 years. Our Principals have helped spearhead the movement from traditional data gathering and dissemination to Big Data Analytics and are happy to share their war stories. We believe that more than most, we can help you consolidate and organize the massive amounts of structured and unstructured data at your disposal into a meaningful understanding of where your enterprise is, what it needs to prosper, and how it can get there.
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